Central Valley Z

Welcome to Central Valley Z. The website for enthusiasts by enthusiasts.

Thanks for coming to the site fellow central valley Nissan Z owner. It doesn’t matter if you’re the proud owner of a 1980 280zx or current 370z with 500 horsepower – we’re all family here!

This site is not associated with any clubs or performance products and such. It’s only purpose is to appreciate the beauty that is the Nissan Z. The topics can be only anything related to the vehicle like design, racing, history, future, customization, etc. So long as it does not cause or spew any ill will towards another person. There can be discussions or reviews on products or if anyone needs a humble opinion from another Z owner.

The site is not limited to just people in the central valley of California of course but since I’m from the central valley, I just tagged it with that. It definitely will make it more exciting for you though if you were in the are because gatherings and meeting your peers will always be a great experience.

The sky is pretty much the limit but I would like to start off with just a few interesting topics that I know everyone will be interested in. These topics to start are:

1. Customization – This can range from a new aggressive body kit to an electrical ground affects kit, or engine modifications. For the members to better understand and get engage, I would recommend taking some pictures or including hyperlinks. Please also include before and after pictures as well. What fun is it if you cannot share your joy with your fellow club members?

2. Racing – If you take your vehicle to the track, please let us know about it. What modifications were made, what bracket do you race in. How did you do and such.

3. Classic – some of us connoisseurs merely appreciate the vehicle for what is is. We don’t want to upgrade to the latest and greatest.The more classic the vehicle is, the more value we bestowed upon it.