About Me

Let me tell you a little about myself, my name is David L. and currently reside in Sacramento. I am now strictly an enthusiast. Being married with 5 kids, it’s kind of tough to go out and meet fellow Z owners and chill but I try to when I can. I currently work for the State of California doing IT work.

When I’m not summoned to fight the computer gremlins, there’s nothing that brings me greater pleasure than to go into my garage and pop open the hood and shine that beast that powers my 2003 Nissan Z. I had always wanted to own one but them cars don’t come cheap, especially when I was going through school. Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to find a nice condition one that was salvaged out and surely enough as time went by, started to restore or replace a part here or there, and before you know it (30 thousand dollars later), it has become the classic work of art today.