Club Events

Do you enjoy a quality ride in a 300+ horsepower machine? Do you expect the best from your car and don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one? Well, odds are, you’ve probably heard about the Nissan-Z series – One of Nissan’s most powerful and still not extravagantly expensive models. Heck, you may even be a proud owner of this masterpiece of car engineering! The slightly outdated but still roaring V6 under the bonnet, excellent handling in most weather conditions combined with a refined-looking interior and the relatively low price are the main selling points of this car.

So what if I am an owner? Rest assured that you’re not the only one who was captivated by the appeal of this sports-car. There are many people who enjoy this Nissan-series and they’ve made a club of Nissan Z owners – The Nissan Z Car Club in Sacramento, California. You can check their website out . They’re basically a group of Nissan Z enthusiasts who enjoy every year-model Nissan Z car. They’re always looking to expand their group with people who are interested in events, such as charity, canyon cruises, BBQ’s and garage maintenance days. They have a Facebook group you can also hop in to, and they’re based in Sacramento with members from all parts of the Tri-Valley area.

The thing that most people take pride in is the customization of team apparel such as custom club tshirts. Most of the Nissan Z enthusiasts in this club will agree that their local Sacramento screen printing shop has got it covered. To further separate the club, they also turn to their local Sacramento embroidery shop for custom stitched caps and jackets. Now, that’s some serious gear! To get to the extreme  like the Nissan Z that you own, why not finish off the visual with a custom embroidered team jacket. Heck, motorcycle clubs, and even all branches of the military does it, so why not your team?

So if you’re a proud owner of a Nissan Z series automobile and a proud one at that, you should definitely consider joining the Nissan Z Car Club in Sacramento, California. The company of likeminded individuals who also admire this staple of engineering will definitely feel better than tackling that open road by your-self. If you’re looking for custom team apparel, is the place to visit. They make sure all of your car-enthusiast friends are envious of your amazing Nissan.