The Hmong Behind the Car

New Year Celebrations Of Hmong People

Just so you all know, before I was racing from stop light to stop light, and hitting them low 13’s at the race track with my beloved Nissan Z, I had a little growing up to do first. If you don’t know I am Hmong daw, and growing up Hmong is quite the interesting experience I tell ya. So here is a little history first.

The group of Hmong people is the ethnic group of people whose origin dates back to nearly 3000 years in China. A major community of Hmong people lives in China and rest in Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Thailand, who were immigrated during the 19th century.

The major celebration for Hmong people is the New Year. Many families travel all across to become the part of the extravagant celebrations. The Hmong New Year celebrations usually comprise of food and celebrations. Besides food and celebrations, even the costume also matters to a greater extent. Various types of embroidery designs include Hmong t-shirts and Hmong hats. In US, you can find Hmong people celebrate New Year maximum upto 4-5 days. Some of the most common events held during this occasion include pageants, sports tournaments, and other such contests.

The rejoice of celebration and their clothing fashion

The reason behind Hmong New Year celebration was initially created to thank the ancestors as well as the spirits and also to welcome the New Year occasion. The celebration is usually held for more than 8-10 days, but it is shortened in the US because of the major difference in the traditional Hmong farming schedule and also the American 30 hr work week schedule. On the other hand, they have also served the double purpose and also a convenient place as well as timings for Hmong leadership.

In fact, this is the occasion wherein they can wear good embroidery design dress and enjoy the occasion. The New Year celebration among the Hmong people is usually based on the religious as well as cultural beliefs. It is an in-house ritual which takes place in each and every household of Hmong community. This celebration is done in every family to acknowledge the completion of the rice harvesting season and also the beginning of the new era. People enjoy the occasion by wearing Hmong t-shirts and Hmong hat. Of course, there are many pictures taken as well – the duab toj siab Hmoob. ┬áMany of those shirts can be bought from the Rice In Water site. It indicates the beginning of new life as the life cycle continues. At the time of this New Year celebration,

Hmong T-Shirt Tsov Tom
Hmong T-Shirt Tsov Tom

and every wandering soul of the family is called again back to unite along with the family wherein the young will honor the old or their in-laws. It is a form of ritual asking for the blessings from the house elders and your in-laws. This is the time wherein the attendees will have their own time to wear Hmong clothing of their wish.

Thank you once again for reading and stay safe out there on the road, especially during them early morning fog on the 1-5 freeway.